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About Us - Kaein Estudio

Greetings from The Other Side of The Globe, Kezia here and I want to put a word or more about Yours One and Only KAEIN ESTUDIO.

We Work under The Tagline of “Sustainable Surrealism” known for Its Eclecticism, Combining Few Styles in alignment with Kezia’s Personal Aesthetic Touch yet still Generally and Affordably Stylish without Doubts.

KAEIN ESTUDIO also Commits to Contribute Something Good for Our Surroundings Environment, For The Satisfactions of Our customers, For The Well Being of The People involved in it and For The Earth and Culture next to Us.

Looking Beautiful and Stylish without Harming Anything is something KAEIN ESTUDIO aims to achieve. As an Art Person, Kezia always wants to combine Various Kinds of Art into Her Works. From Local Textile Artisans, Local Graphic Designers, Local Painters and Many Others involved that grows to be Our Regular Collaborators and Partners along the process, And in this way KAEIN ESTUDIO wants to show supports for as many Local Artisans as possible through Our Products.

Natural Materials and Applications with Transparent Productions System are Our Priority and KAEIN ESTUDIO also commits into develop Oneself to be more Sustainable and Ethical each day without losing Its Aesthetic Value.

KAEIN ESTUDIO established Ready To Wear Line with Range of Clothing and Accessories that are made by Local Artisans. Offering Beautiful Piece of Works while also Contributing to the goodness of Every Beings.

With Love,

Kezia Eins